chief tax deputy

Morgan Basagic
Chief Tax Deputy

tax deputy

Julie Bland
Tax Deputy

PO Box 687

100 South Main Street

Franklin WV 26807

Telephone: (304) 358-2214

Fax: (304) 358-3293

Pendleton County Law Enforcement

  • Sheriff: Donald Hedrick
  • Chief Deputy: Chad Bowers
  • Deputy: Trey Linaberg
  • Deputy: Brett Raines

The Department of Law Enforcement's primary goal is to enforce the laws governed by the state of West Virginia and provide Pendleton County with the highest Quality law enforcement services possible.

Other responsibilities include:

•Provide patrol and investigative services throughout Pendleton County

•Serve all legal papers issued by the courts to be served in the county

•Act as bailiff in court hearings

•Transportation of prisoners, mental patients, and extraditions

•Issue concealed Pistol/Revolver licenses to citizens who apply for the permit

Sheriff's Department Hours of Operation:

8:30 AM-4:30 PM

Pendleton County Tax Office

  • Sheriff: Donald Hedrick
  • Chief Tax Deputy: Morgan Basagic
  • Tax Deputy: Julie Bland

The Sheriff's Tax Office is responsible for collecting all county taxes. The tax statements are mailed from the Sheriff's Office on or near July 15th of each year. Taxes are due by September 1 to receive a discount on the first half taxes and by March 1 to receive a discount on the second half taxes. All unpaid taxes become delinquent on May 1 each year.

Property taxes are now available for viewing at the following web address: This link is for inquiries only, not for payment purposes.

All real estate taxes that are not paid by mid-November are sold at the Sheriff's lien sale. The taxpayers have 18 months to redeem the property and pay all taxes owed plus interest, penalties, publication fees, and possibly attorney fees.

Other duties include:

•Collect home confinement fees

•Collect fees on legal papers to be served in court cases

•Administer the financial matters of adults who are unable to do so for themselves, as appointed by the County Commission


Sheriff Donald Hedrick


Deputy Chad Bowers


Deputy Trey Linaberg


Deputy Brett Raines